My name is Jazael 

I'm a disruptive




Hey there! I'm Jazael Eguia Lis, and I'm all about Service Design! Basically, I'm a pro at making sure business ideas work even in crazy high-risk situations. Currently, I'm kickin' it as a Service and Digital Experience Designer at Djungle Studio.

One thing that makes me stand out is my knack for handling all kinds of digital innovation projects. I can come up with awesome ideas and put them to the test like it's nobody's business. As an innovation facilitator, I've led research and design projects with Planet Smart City.

With my background in Business Strategy and Service Design, I've made some serious waves in the digital innovation world. I love coming up with creative and effective solutions to tackle the trickiest challenges out there.

And let me tell you, I'm hungry for more! I'm always eager to learn and grow on this wild journey. Every opportunity to contribute to the world of innovation has been humbling and fantastic. So here's to more adventures and cool innovations ahead! Cheers! 🚀